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Ask anyone who knows me well and they will say...
"Shiree is absolutely in love with all things skin, nurturing, healing & connecting."

Kia Ora. Nau mai, haere mai. Welcome!
I'm Shiree, i love listening, healing through connection, touch, knowledge, laughing and really understanding you, your body, your needs, your skin.
i believe in offering a holistic journey, we are constantly changing, evolving, life doesn't slow down and our skin has to adapt every minute of everyday. i love to help simplify your routine. heal your wairua (spirit). boost your energy and transform your skin health, at a deep cellular level, at your soul level.

This is the ethos here @Createdskin Studio. Offering intuitive full body facial retreats, healing mirimiri (massage) and medicial collagen INDUCTION therapy.
no run of the mill here.

Our DNA, that has been handed down to us over many generations, through our tupuna, (ancestors) is an absolute marvel. All of us are a unique intertwined blend of a spectacular DNA code. I am so proud of my beautiful mix of whakapapa (genealogy). I am Māori, of Ngāpuhi and Ngāti Whātua descent as well as Irish on my Mother, tahu's side, and Australian, Scottish, Polish and Prussian on my Father, Gavin's side.
I believe this healing gift, has been handed down to me, from my Nannie Kuini (pronounced Queenie) and my Mum Tahu. Nannie Kuini was well known within our whānau (family) to use Rongoā (a traditional holistic Māori healing system, that often includes using the medicinal properties of New Zealand native plants). My amazing Mum Tahu, is the reason why I love giving MiriMiri (meaning natural gift, traditional Māori massage technique). She always massaged our bodies, caring for them, allowing them to heal faster, relieving the tension in our minds.

My kaupapa (philosophy) is not just treating the skin. I work on the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing of my clients, treating the "whole being", holistically. te whare tapa, (maori perspective on health), all the pillars:

  • tinana (physical wellbeing)
  • hinengaro (mental wellbeing)
  • wairua (spiritual wellbeing)
  • whanau (family wellbeing)

I carefully select and blend a unique experience, just for you. based on our kōrero (chat).
Our skin is fascinating. The largest organ in our body, it protects our internal organs from external harm, it keeps us warm and cools us down, allows us to feel the embrace of the ones we love, it tells us when we are in danger and when we need help. It is fricken mind blowingly amazing, if you'll pardon the phrase!
All skin is beautiful, black, brown, white, translucent, all colours...perfect X

ngā mihi
Shiree x